Project Based Learning

Learn by Doing. Complete 10 projects inside the course to grow your website from scratch across multiple marketing channels. Follow me through every single step!

Lesson 1: Marketing Plan

Develop a buyer persona, set a S.M.A.R.T marketing goal, plan marketing activities & more!

Lesson 2: Market Research

Engage with your audience with an online survey. Analyse their feedback before you start marketing.

Lesson 3: WordPress

Create a WordPress site from scratch. Choose a domain, get hosting and install a theme.

Lesson 4: Email Marketing

Apply basic & advanced strategies to build your email list.

Lesson 5: Copywriting

Structure your sales copy to maximise conversion.

Lesson 6: SEO

Publish a perfectly SEO optimised piece of content.

Lesson 7: Google Adwords

Plan for your first profitable Adwords campaign.

Lesson 8: Google Analytics

Audit your analytics to uncover growth opportunities.